Friday, October 12, 2012

heeeeyyyyyyy guuuuyyyyysssss !!  sorry havent been on in awhile ....schools been killllinnnggg meee !!
whats going on !?:)

Friday, September 28, 2012

hows everyone doing , havent been on here in awhile how are you?:)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

its funny how life , could give you lemons so you can make lemonade , but then it takes them away before you could even get the jucier ....srry that was just a random thought ....
-  make love not war<3

Sunday, September 16, 2012

hey guys , havent been on in awhile.....sorry , just been a lityle busy , but ill give u a short preview on whats been going on ... my family are alot happier with each other , my parents just got back from vacation, we stayed over my cousins house(we all needed a little break lol. ,im ive been taking my purity classes every  week, once a asian(my crush) and iI had a reeaalllyy small convo. (nothing changed since the last time ) iI like him, idk if he likes me blahblahblah... yep. same old same old. im getting closer to god <3 ,schools becoming easier now since ive been doing tutoring :) lol but yep for now on il start blogging more !
-make love not war ! love u guys<3

Friday, September 7, 2012

well, didnt go to school today ...sick :-/ which means iI didnt get to see my asian today ....< yep the guy im crushing on is asian lol and a year older then me .... idc. still hot and iI kinda think he likes me too <3 my friend is gonna find out for me and let me know .... anyway hows everyone doing on this LOVELY night ..?(:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

well , this whole not talking to anyone that much is actually working... didnt think iI could do it but all this quiteness helped me figure out why its so hard for me to love,trust,or even really like a boy to much ...iI believe its because iI need closer from my last bestfriend/boyfriend/person..., we was friends ever since iI moved in the house iI live in now (4years)
iI used to tell him everything ....and we used to talk for hours about absolutly nothing ! and we eventually fell for each other was bound to happen even my parent knew it ..but yea so we fell for each other , we kept just being friends ....then eventually he would start to say iI love you at that time iI was only 13 & he was 14 , we really didnt know what love was ....iI still dont but anyway after he would say that iI wouldnt say anything back and eventually he just stopped talking to me....</3 its been almost a year since we even had a convo and all iI need right now is talk to him and get closer.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

okay,so got my progress report today......yep. iI thought it was good.....3 C's and the rest A's but the C's came from low test scores ...! still got in trouble a little bit...kinda ...iI hate trying just to make my parents happy , and to be successful and your parents dont realize how hard your actually trying to make them happy..... and be successful ,but iI wont stop trying to prove to them how bad iI want this and how bad iI need them to be proud of me ! was everyones day !?:)